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Joy Chapman

About Joy

Joy was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a little girl she grew up with 3 sisters, in a close knit family. After 18 frigid winters, Joy decided she need to thaw out, and a change of venue, and with that she moved to the Copper State. It was in Arizona she decided to pursue an advanced education and career. But like many, her path was filled with twists and turns.

Fast forward 30 years, Joy now a mother of three beautiful children, and two amazing canines, found her calling and passion. After years of trying to stay young and fit she developed a unique formula to enhance her health and wellness, using chemistry and the environment to guide her trials. It was through her experiences; setbacks, failures, and eventual success, that Joy developed a passion for helping others, and Aesthetic Medicine.

It was then, Joy decided to turn her passion into a career, and so began her journey. She trained at G Skin and Beauty Institute in Chandler, where she became a Certified Esthetician. She then attended the National Association of Laser and Aesthetics (NALA) in Scottsdale where she worked closely under the guidance of laser offciyenado Eric Jantze, a 30 year industry veteran, and expert, in laser principles and aesthetics. It was at NALA where Joy earned the title of Certified Laser Technician and Laser Safety Officer.

Joy has been serving clients for years now; passing on her knowledge, expertise, and passion by delivering proven outcomes for patients of all ages, skin types, and genders. It’s her enthusiasm and love of helping people that motivates her to be the best version of herself and it’s her mission to help you become the best version of yourself too.

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Our team has a passion for providing patient-centered care that is focused on your results as much as your comfort. At DrSkin Med Spa our goal is to enhance, rejuvenate and improve your appearance. Our experienced and licensed professionals cater every single service we offer to your lifestyle and goals. 

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