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The Lasting Benefits of Kybella® Treatments

The Lasting Benefits of Kybella Treatments

If you’re bothered by submental fullness, also called a “double chin,” you know how it can negatively impact self-confidence. But you don’t have to continue feeling self-conscious about this stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. At DrSkin Med Spa, we offer Kybella® injections to reduce double chins and reveal a more youthful, contoured facial profile. In this article, we’ll explore the lasting benefits you can achieve with Kybella.

What is Submental Fullness?

Submental fullness refers to excess fat accumulated under the chin and lower face. While modest fullness is normal as we age, an overly prominent double chin can make people feel self-aware. Submental fat often results from factors like genetics, weight fluctuations, and loss of skin elasticity over time. An undefined jawline and too much chin fullness can detract from an otherwise youthful appearance.

What is Submental Fullness?
What is Submental Fullness?

The Science Behind Kybella®

Kybella® is a nonsurgical injectable solution for submental fat. Its active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, is a naturally occurring molecule that aids in fat metabolism. When injected into the submental area, Kybella® destroys and dissolves fat cells. Once these cells are eliminated, they cannot store fat again. Kybella® safely and effectively targets unwanted fat cells under the chin.

What to Expect:

The Kybella® Procedure During a quick in-office procedure, our experienced nurse injectors administer several small injections under the chin and along the jawline. Kybella® is injected directly into the fat tissue using a grid-like pattern to cover the treatment area. Patients are given a topical numbing medication first to maximize comfort. While you may feel some minor stinging or burning briefly with each injection, anesthesia is not required. Most Kybella® sessions take only about 15-20 minutes.

Long-Term Benefits of Kybella

Long-Term Benefits of Kybella®

One of the greatest advantages of Kybella® over other injectables is its lasting results. Let’s explore the benefits you’ll enjoy long after treatment:

  • Reduction in Double Chin

Gradual improvements in the reduction of submental fullness will be noticeable within 1-2 months as your body clears away the destroyed fat cells. Optimal, longer-lasting results are visible around 3 months post-treatment.

  • Improved Self-Confidence

Many patients report a boost in self-esteem after having Kybella®. Eliminating a double chin and sculpting a more defined, youthful facial profile can have profound psychological benefits in looking and feeling better.

  • Lasting Results

Unlike neuromodulators which must be maintained every 3-4 months, the results of Kybella® are much longer lasting. As long as your weight remains stable, the eliminated fat cells cannot return or expand. The effects of Kybella® evolve over 3 months, but are considered essentially permanent.

How Kybella® Compares to Alternatives

Kybella® vs. Liposuction

While both treatments permanently remove fat cells, liposuction is surgical vs Kybella® which is nonsurgical. Kybella® often allows more precise contouring with minimal downtime.

Kybella® vs. CoolSculpting

These two nonsurgical options work differently, with CoolSculpting freezing fat cells while Kybella® destroys them via lysis. Kybella produces more gradual, natural-looking results that tend to be longer lasting.

Kybella® vs. Neck Lift

A surgical neck lift addresses skin laxity and sagging to provide facial rejuvenation. Kybella® is nonsurgical and specifically targets fat under the chin. Combining Kybella® and a lift can treat the full effects of aging in this area.


Kybella® Safety and Side Effects

Kybella® was FDA approved in 2015 based on extensive clinical trials proving its safety. Mild to moderate side effects like swelling, bruising, numbness, and discomfort generally resolve within a few days. More serious side effects are very rare when administered properly by an experienced provider.

At DrSkin Med Spa, your safety, comfort, and outstanding results are our top priorities. We combine advanced techniques with an artist’s eye to provide natural looking Kybella® outcomes that boost your confidence.

FAQs About Kybella®

What is the ideal Kybella® candidate?

The best candidates have good skin elasticity and modest submental fullness that diet and exercise won’t fix. Both men and women can benefit from Kybella®.

How long do results last?

Gradual improvements are seen over 3 months. But the destroyed fat cells are permanently gone, so results can last for years. Maintaining a stable weight is recommended.

Are there any major risks?

Serious side effects are very rare. Mild side effects like swelling typically resolve quickly. An experienced injector will take all precautions for your safety.

How many treatments are needed?

Most patients require 2-4 Kybella sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart to achieve desired results. Your provider will advise on the ideal number tailored to your individual needs.

Is Kybella® painful?

A numbing cream is applied before injections. Patients may feel some minor discomfort during placement of the injections.

Can Kybella® be combined with other treatments?

Yes, Kybella® is commonly combined with other non-invasive procedures like laser skin tightening or dermal fillers to complete your rejuvenation.



If you’re bothered by a double chin, Kybella® may be the long-term solution you’ve been looking for. This innovative injectable treatment can permanently eliminate stubborn submental fat cells that diet and exercise can’t fix. Undergoing Kybella® can lead to transformative improvements in your facial profile, as well as self-confidence. Schedule your consultation at DrSkin Med Spa today to learn more about revealing your most youthful, sculpted self with Kybella.

Kybella FAQ's

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Kybella® targets and destroys fat cells under the chin to reduce fullness and improve your profile. Discover the science behind how Kybella® eliminates double chins.

Kybella® offers enduring results for those looking to reduce under-chin fat. Explore the lasting benefits of Kybella® treatments and how it can enhance your appearance over time.

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