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Laser Hair Removal
in Arizona

Waxing, shaving, plucking…who needs it? Not you! Removing unwanted hair on your own is time consuming and frustrating. Trust the professionals at DrSkin. We have laser hair removal for every skin and hair type, so you can get the smoothest skin imaginable—and never have to worry about razor burn or bumps again.


What is Laser Hair Removal?

Unwanted body hair has met its match. Laser hair removal focuses a beam of light that inhibits the growth of new hair, giving you hairless skin that stays smooth for much longer than if you had shaved or waxed.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal uses light technology to penetrate hair follicles and damage the chromophores, which are responsible for pigmentation, and diminish hair growth over time. As the laser pulses, the bulb and hair shaft get super-heated. Safe and effective, laser hair removal is less painful than waxing and is non-invasive. Skin tone or type does not matter, nor does the texture or color of your hair, as there are a variety of laser wavelengths that can be utilized to get you the results you want.

Explanation of the Laser Hair Removal Process

Laser hair removal works by emitting a concentrated beam of light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. This light energy converts to heat, which damages the hair follicles responsible for hair growth. Over multiple sessions, this damage inhibits the follicles’ ability to produce new hair, resulting in long-lasting hair reduction. The treatment is suitable for various parts of the body, including the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and back.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  1. Long-Lasting Results: Unlike traditional methods like shaving and waxing, laser hair removal offers a more permanent solution to unwanted hair, reducing hair growth significantly over time.
  2. Precision: The laser can target dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.
  3. Speed: Each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can treat multiple hairs simultaneously, making the process efficient for larger areas.
  4. Cost-Effective: Over time, laser hair removal can be more cost-effective than the continual expense of razors, waxing sessions, and depilatory creams.
  5. Reduced Ingrown Hairs: Laser hair removal helps prevent ingrown hairs, a common issue with shaving and waxing.

Common Myths and Misconceptions

  1. Myth: Laser Hair Removal is Painful
    • Reality: Most clients describe the sensation as a mild discomfort, similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Advanced systems like Venus Velocity incorporate cooling mechanisms to enhance comfort.
  2. Myth: Laser Hair Removal is Not Effective on All Skin Types
    • Reality: While early laser technology was limited to certain skin types, modern advancements like Venus Velocity allow for effective treatments across a broader range of skin tones and hair colors.
  3. Myth: Laser Hair Removal Causes Permanent Skin Damage
    • Reality: When performed by trained professionals using certified equipment, laser hair removal is a safe procedure with minimal risk of long-term skin damage.
  4. Myth: One Session is Enough for Complete Hair Removal
    • Reality: Hair grows in cycles, and multiple sessions are necessary to target hair during its active growth phase for the best results.

At DrSkin Med Spa in Gilbert, Arizona, we are committed to dispelling these myths and providing you with safe, effective, and personalized laser hair removal treatments. Experience the benefits of smooth, hair-free skin with our expert team and cutting-edge technology.

before and after brazilian laser hair removal
Before and After Brazilian Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal Armpits Before And After
Laser Hair Removal Armpits Before And After

Why Choose DrSkin Med Spa for Laser Hair Removal?


Overview of DrSkin Med Spa

DrSkin Med Spa, located in the vibrant community of Gilbert, Arizona, is a premier medical spa offering a comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of care in a comfortable and professional environment. Our mission is to help you look and feel your best through personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs.

Expert Team and Certified Professionals

Our team has a passion for providing patient-centered care that is focused on your results as much as your comfort. At DrSkin Med Spa, our goal is to enhance, rejuvenate, and improve your appearance. Our experienced and licensed professionals cater every single service we offer to your lifestyle and goals.

Meet the Experts Behind Your Transformation

Our team isn’t just passionate about aesthetics; they’re dedicated to understanding your unique needs and goals. DrSkin Med Spa boasts a team of experienced and licensed professionals, including board-certified doctors, a naturopathic doctor, a master injector nurse, and more. Each member brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, ensuring you receive personalized care tailored to achieve your desired results. From Dr. Placella’s holistic approach to Dr. Jaiswal’s meticulous surgical techniques, and Mistie’s gentle touch, you’ll be confident you’re in the best hands to achieve a natural-looking transformation that enhances your beauty and confidence.

  • Joy Chapman CE, CLT, LSO – Co-Founder and Clinical Director
  • Dr. Naomi Placella – Naturopathic Medical Doctor
  • Dr. Rohit Jaiswal – Medical Doctor
  • Mistie Zierer, RN – Registered Nurse


State-of-the-Art Technology: Venus Velocity

We are proud to utilize the Venus Velocity system, a cutting-edge laser hair removal technology that offers superior results. Venus Velocity is designed to provide fast, comfortable, and effective hair removal for all skin types. Its advanced cooling system ensures a more pleasant experience, while its high-speed laser allows for shorter treatment times, even for larger areas.

Success Stories and Client Testimonials

Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority, and we take pride in the numerous success stories and positive testimonials we receive. Here are a few examples of what our clients have to say:

  • “I’ve tried various hair removal methods, but nothing compares to the results I’ve achieved at DrSkin Med Spa. The Venus Velocity system is truly remarkable, and the team is incredibly professional and caring.” – Sarah M.
  • “DrSkin Med Spa exceeded my expectations. The laser hair removal sessions were quick and virtually painless, and the results have been fantastic. I highly recommend their services!” – Michael T.
  • “From the moment I walked into DrSkin Med Spa, I felt welcomed and at ease. The staff is knowledgeable and attentive, and the laser hair removal treatments have given me the smooth skin I’ve always wanted.” – Jessica L.

Learn More About Our Equipment

Understanding Venus Velocity

Detailed Explanation of Venus Velocity Technology

Venus Velocity is a state-of-the-art diode laser system designed specifically for hair removal. It uses a high-powered laser to target and destroy hair follicles, preventing future hair growth. The system is equipped with advanced cooling technology to minimize discomfort and protect the skin during treatment. Venus Velocity is known for its speed, precision, and effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for both small and large treatment areas.

How Venus Velocity Stands Out from Other Laser Hair Removal Systems

Venus Velocity offers several advantages over traditional laser hair removal systems:

  1. Speed and Efficiency: The high-speed laser can cover larger areas in a shorter amount of time, reducing the overall duration of treatment sessions.
  2. Comfort: The advanced cooling system ensures that the skin remains cool and comfortable throughout the procedure, significantly reducing any discomfort.
  3. Versatility: Venus Velocity is effective on all skin types and hair colors, making it a versatile option for a diverse range of clients.
  4. Precision: The laser’s precision allows for targeted treatment of hair follicles while protecting the surrounding skin, resulting in minimal side effects.

Safety and Efficacy of Venus Velocity

Safety is paramount at DrSkin Med Spa, and Venus Velocity has a proven track record of safety and efficacy. The system is FDA-approved and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of safety. Our certified professionals are trained to use Venus Velocity effectively, tailoring each treatment to the client’s specific skin type and hair color for optimal results.

Before and After Results with Venus Velocity

The results of Venus Velocity laser hair removal speak for themselves. Clients typically notice a significant reduction in hair growth after just a few sessions, with continued improvement over the course of their treatment plan. Before and after photos demonstrate the dramatic transformation, showcasing smooth, hair-free skin that lasts.

At DrSkin Med Spa, we are committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals with the most advanced technology and highest level of care. Experience the difference of Venus Velocity laser hair removal and join our many satisfied clients who have achieved lasting, beautiful results.

Laser Hair Removal Session Estimator

At DrSkin Med Spa, we understand that planning your laser hair removal treatment can be overwhelming. To make the process easier, we offer a user-friendly session estimator tool on our website. This tool helps you determine the approximate number of sessions needed to achieve your desired results based on various factors.

DrSkin Med Spa Logo

Laser Hair Removal Session Estimator

Session Results

Unveiling Your Smooth Skin Journey: How This Estimator Helps!

Curious about laser hair removal but unsure where to begin? This innovative tool empowers you to unlock the secrets of your personalized treatment plan. Here’s how it helps:

  • New to Laser Hair Removal? Gain clarity! This tool provides a general idea of session frequency based on your unique needs.
  • Undecided on Treatment Areas? Compare! Use the estimator to see the potential session difference between underarms and legs, helping you prioritize.
  • Hair Type Matters! Fine or coarse hair? The tool factors in your hair type for a more personalized session estimate.
  • Big Event Coming Up? Be prepared! Estimate the number of sessions you might need to achieve smooth skin by your target date.
  • Consultation Confidence! Generate a preliminary session estimate before your consultation. This can guide the conversation and ensure you ask the right questions.

Embrace a smoother future with the help of our laser hair removal session estimator. Take control and plan your journey today!

Unveiling Your Smooth Skin Journey Starts Now!

Factors Influencing the Number of Sessions Required

Several factors can affect the number of laser hair removal sessions needed, including:

  1. Hair Color and Thickness: Darker and thicker hair typically responds better to laser treatment and may require fewer sessions.
  2. Skin Type: Different skin types react differently to laser treatments. Our advanced Venus Velocity technology is effective for all skin types, but the number of sessions may vary.
  3. Treatment Area: Larger areas or areas with dense hair growth may need more sessions.
  4. Hair Growth Cycle: Hair grows in cycles, and multiple sessions are needed to target hair during its active growth phase.

 Use our Laser Hair Removal Session Estimator Tool here

Laser Hair Removal Before and After 6 Treatments
Laser Hair Removal Before and After Venus Velocity Video

What to Expect During Your Laser Hair Removal Sessions

Pre-Treatment Guidelines

To ensure the best results, follow these pre-treatment guidelines:

  • Avoid Sun Exposure: Stay out of the sun and avoid tanning beds for at least two weeks before your session.
  • Shave the Treatment Area: Shave the area to be treated 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Avoid Certain Products: Do not use any creams, lotions, or deodorants on the day of your treatment.

What Happens During the Treatment

  1. Consultation and Preparation: Our specialist will discuss your treatment plan and prepare the area by cleaning the skin.
  2. Laser Application: Using the Venus Velocity system, the specialist will apply the laser to the treatment area. You may feel a slight snapping sensation as the laser targets the hair follicles.
  3. Cooling: The built-in cooling system of the Venus Velocity ensures comfort during the procedure.

Post-Treatment Care and Recovery Tips

  1. Avoid Sun Exposure: Protect your skin from the sun for at least two weeks post-treatment.
  2. Gentle Skincare: Use gentle skincare products and avoid harsh chemicals.
  3. Avoid Heat: Refrain from hot baths, saunas, and strenuous exercise for 24-48 hours after the session.

Managing Expectations and Results Timeline

Laser hair removal results are not immediate. Hair will gradually shed over the weeks following each session. Most clients see significant improvement after a few treatments, with optimal results achieved after completing the recommended number of sessions.

Laser Hair Removal for Different Skin Types and Hair Colors

Effectiveness of Venus Velocity for Various Skin Types and Hair Colors

Venus Velocity is effective for a wide range of skin types and hair colors, thanks to its advanced diode laser technology. It can safely and effectively treat dark, light, and tanned skin, as well as dark and lighter hair colors.

Customizing Treatment Plans Based on Individual Needs

Each client is unique, and we customize treatment plans to suit individual needs. Factors like skin sensitivity, hair growth patterns, and personal preferences are taken into account to provide the best possible results.

Addressing Concerns for Sensitive Skin

For clients with sensitive skin, our professionals take extra precautions to minimize discomfort and ensure a gentle, effective treatment. The Venus Velocity system’s cooling mechanism helps soothe the skin during and after the procedure.

Laser Hair Removal Chest Before and After (Venus Velocity)

When Do I See Results?

The first treatment usually results in a 10-25% decrease in hair growth and thickness. Two weeks after your first treatment, you will notice that your hair starts to thin and fall out.

Generally, you will need between 6-10 sessions to fully remove the hair from the treated area. Your hair color, thickness, and skin type and tone can alter the course of your treatment. Each session is scheduled about 4 weeks from the last if you are getting hair removed from your face. For the body, you need about 6 weeks in between sessions.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal may not be 100% permanent, it significantly reduces the amount of hair and how fast it grows back. If hair does return, it is going to be much thinner and lighter, making it less noticeable. Want to stay smooth forevermore? Consider maintenance treatments every 1-2 years.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Although laser hair removal is safe for most people, there are some side effects to expect post-treatment, including red patches of skin and some irritation. Concerned about the side effects? Our friendly team is willing to answer any of your questions and help put your mind at ease.

Who Benefits Most From Laser Hair Removal?

If you want less body hair and prefer to shave less often, then laser hair removal is for you. Individuals with thicker, darker hair and fair skin may see better results than people with thinner, lighter hair or darker skin. However, there are different wavelengths and lasers that can be used to adjust the treatment to meet your needs.

Who Wouldn’t Benefit?

Unfortunately, there are some who will not benefit from laser hair removal. You should avoid laser hair removal if you:


  • Are using acne treatments
  • Have certain infections or are prone to cold sores
  • Have raised scars
  • Have or had skin cancer
  • Are pregnant


If you are unsure about your eligibility for laser hair removal, give our team a call. We can offer alternatives, if necessary.

Say Good Riddance to Your Razor

Laser hair removal at DrSkin Med Spa is virtually painless and leaves your skin softer and with less hair. It’s time to kick your razor to the curb. Get in touch with DrSkin today to schedule a consultation or ask about our laser hair removal services. Embrace the freedom of smooth, hair-free skin and say goodbye to the hassle of shaving forever.

Venus Velocity Before and After Pics

Dramatic Transformations with Venus Velocity

At DrSkin Med Spa, our clients experience remarkable transformations with the Venus Velocity laser hair removal system. Before starting treatment, many clients struggle with frequent shaving, waxing, and plucking, which can lead to irritation, ingrown hairs, and uneven skin texture. However, after a series of Venus Velocity sessions, the results are truly transformative. Clients notice a significant reduction in hair growth, with hair becoming thinner and lighter after just a few treatments. The advanced technology of Venus Velocity ensures precise targeting of hair follicles, providing smooth and hair-free skin that lasts.

Real Results for Real People

The effectiveness of Venus Velocity is evident in these before and after photos. Clients who once dealt with dense, coarse hair now enjoy clear, smooth skin.  These visual testimonials demonstrate the power of Venus Velocity to deliver consistent and impressive results, making it a trusted choice for laser hair removal at DrSkin Med Spa.

Experience the life-changing benefits of Venus Velocity and join our many satisfied clients who have achieved their desired aesthetic goals with this advanced technology.

Before After
Laser Hair Removal Before and After Pic (Venus Velocity)
Before After
Before and After Laser Hair Removal Pic (Venus Velocity)
Before After
Laser Hair Removal Before and After Pic (Venus Velocity)
Before After
Laser Hair Removal Before and After Pic (Venus Velocity)

Laser Hair Removal FAQ's

Our laser hair removal technology is designed to effectively treat all skin and hair types, ensuring safe and efficient results. Learn more about addressing diverse hair and skin types with our specialized laser treatments.

Integrating laser hair removal with other skin treatments can enhance your overall aesthetic results. Discover the benefits of combining treatments for optimal skin health and beauty.

For those new to laser hair removal, understanding the process, what to expect, and preparation steps is key. Read our guide for first-timers to feel confident and informed.

Timing your sessions with the seasons can improve treatment efficacy and comfort. Explore why certain times of the year are ideal for scheduling your laser hair removal treatments.

Post-treatment care is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of your laser hair removal sessions. Learn about post-treatment care tips to enhance your results.

Proper aftercare can significantly improve the comfort and success of your laser hair removal treatment. Discover key aftercare secrets to ensure a smooth recovery.

The unique Arizona climate requires specific preparation to ensure the safety and effectiveness of laser hair removal. Get insights on preparing your skin for the best possible treatment outcome.

Laser hair removal technology targets hair follicles to reduce hair growth without damaging surrounding skin. Delve into the science that makes laser hair removal an effective solution.

Laser hair removal offers a lasting solution for removing unwanted hair. Learn about the process and how you can achieve smooth skin with our laser hair removal services.

Weighing the pros and cons of laser hair removal can help you make an informed decision. Review the advantages and considerations of choosing this treatment method.

Laser hair removal is versatile, but understanding the best candidates and treatable areas ensures optimal outcomes. Discover if you're an ideal candidate and which areas can be effectively treated.

Your questions about laser hair removal are important to us. Find comprehensive answers and expert insights in our detailed FAQ section.

Managing skin sensitivity is key to a comfortable recovery. Learn tips and best practices for reducing irritation after laser hair removal.

Following the right aftercare practices is crucial for healing. Explore our guide for a smooth recovery after laser hair removal.

Yes, with the right precautions, laser hair removal can be safely performed on sensitive skin. Learn how we accommodate sensitive skin types in our laser hair removal treatments.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Rohit Jaiswal

Medical Doctor

Dr. Rohit Jaiswal, M.D., is a highly skilled and board-certified cosmetic physician at DrSkin Med Spa in Gilbert, Arizona. With his extensive expertise in aesthetic medicine, Dr. Jaiswal is dedicated to helping patients enhance their natural beauty and achieve their desired aesthetic goals. His commitment to patient care is reflected in his personalized approach, ensuring that each individual receives tailored treatments that address their unique needs and concerns.

Dr. Jaiswal’s passion for staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in cosmetic procedures allows him to offer cutting-edge treatments and deliver exceptional results. With his gentle demeanor and meticulous attention to detail, Dr. Jaiswal consistently provides a safe and comfortable environment for his patients, making their experience at DrSkin Med Spa truly exceptional.

Dr. Naomi Placella

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Dr. Naomi Placella NMD, is a Top Naturopathic Doctor and leader in Integrative Medicine. She blends the best of modern medical science with traditional, natural approaches to not only treat but restore health and maintain optimal wellness.

Dr. Placella has 10 years of experience in medicine and seven years of aesthetic experience performing injections of Neurotoxins, Fillers, Sculptra, Radiesse, and much more. She is also fluent in PDO Threads, PRP/PRF treatments for facial rejuvenation and hair restoration, and treatments that will tighten and tone the skin. Dr. Placella also offers Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, IV therapy, and weight-loss management.

Dr. Placella’s holistic approach to aesthetic medicine aligns seamlessly to DrSkin Med Spa’s bespoke approach to treatment because human beings are a complex network of interrelated systems, not just a symptom or sum of symptoms, and as a result need custom-designed treatment protocols to address the multi-facets of our entire being.

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