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Welcome to DrSkin Med Spa Las Sendas, Mesa, AZ

Discover Premier Aesthetic Care in The Heart of Las Sendas

Nestled in the upscale community of Las Sendas, DrSkin Med Spa is your premier destination for advanced medical spa treatments that blend luxury with the latest in aesthetic technology. Surrounded by the stunning vistas of northeast Mesa, our Las Sendas med spa provides a sanctuary where beauty, comfort, and advanced care come together seamlessly.

Why Las Sendas Trusts DrSkin Med Spa

Our Commitment to You

At DrSkin Med Spa, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results through innovative treatments and personalized care plans. Our experienced team of aestheticians and medical professionals are experts in transforming and rejuvenating skin, ensuring each client leaves feeling confident and revitalized.

Book a Free Consultation 

Take the first step towards a more radiant you by booking a complimentary consultation with our expert team. Schedule your visit today and discover why we are Las Sendas’ choice for beauty and wellness solutions.

Comprehensive Care at Las Sendas' Premier Med Spa

Innovative Treatments for Every Need: 

We offer a wide range of services designed to cater to all your aesthetic desires
  • Laser Treatments: From hair removal to skin resurfacing, our laser technologies are safe, effective, and tailored to your skin type.
  • Facial Treatments: Indulge in our luxurious facials and advanced skin care services that promise visible results.
  • Body Contouring: Sculpt your ideal figure with our non-invasive body contouring options, perfect for targeting stubborn areas.
  • Regenerative Medicine: Utilize cutting-edge treatments like PRP and stem cell therapy to rejuvenate your appearance naturally.

Laser Treatments in Las Sendas, Mesa, AZ

State-of-the-Art Technology:

Experience the power of advanced laser technology at DrSkin Med Spa. Our treatments are designed to achieve excellent results with minimal downtime, whether you’re looking for skin rejuvenation or corrective procedures.

Laser Services Include:
• Skin Rejuvenation: Target signs of aging and revitalize your skin.
Pigmentation Correction: Even out your skin tone by addressing hyperpigmentation and sunspots.
Laser Hair Removal: Enjoy smooth skin with our efficient and comfortable hair removal services.

Facial Treatments in Las Sendas, Mesa, AZ

Bespoke Facial Services

Our facial treatments are customized to address individual skin concerns, from aging and acne to dryness and sensitivity. Our facials are not only relaxing but also offer targeted solutions to enhance your skin’s natural beauty.

Popular Facial Treatments:

HydraFacial: Deeply cleanses and hydrates the skin, leaving it luminous.
Chemical Peels: Improves skin texture and tone by removing dead skin layers.
Microneedling: Promotes collagen production for a youthful appearance.

Body Contouring in Las Sendas, Mesa, AZ

Sculpt Your Dream Body

Our body contouring services are perfect for refining your silhouette and enhancing your natural contours without surgery. Using technologies like cryolipolysis and radiofrequency, we offer treatments that reduce fat and tighten skin.


Why Choose DrSkin Med Spa in Las Sendas, Mesa, AZ?

Local Expertise, Global Standards

Our Las Sendas med spa is recognized for its high standards of care and deep community roots. We pride ourselves on providing services that meet the global standards of aesthetic care while maintaining a local, personalized touch.
Hear From Our Clients: “Our experience at DrSkin Med Spa has been transformative. The attention to detail and personalized care plan made all the difference.” – Sarah L., Las Sendas Resident




Join Us at DrSkin Med Spa in Las Sendas

DrSkin Med Spa is more than a med spa; it’s a part of Las Sendas community, dedicated to enhancing the beauty and wellness of every client. We invite you to explore our services and discover how we can assist you in achieving your aesthetic and wellness aspirations.

Contact Information

Let us help you achieve your aesthetic goals in a luxurious, supportive environment at DrSkin Med Spa in Las Sendas. We look forward to welcoming you!


Ready to Experience the Best Med Spa in Las Sendas, Mesa, AZ?

We invite you to discover the ultimate med spa experience in Las Sendas. Contact us to learn more about our services, schedule a consultation, or start your journey to a revitalized self.

Call today and take the first step towards a renewed sense of confidence and well-being. Welcome to your local retreat at DrSkin Med Spa in Las Sendas, where every visit is a step toward achieving your ultimate beauty and wellness goals.

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DrSkin Loyalty Program

Membership has its privileges. At DrSkin we appreciate our loyal customers. Check out our loyalty program where you can earn rewards for every dollar spent on the services that maintain your beauty. 


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